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My story...


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Since I was a little girl I fell in love with baking. When my parents were away during the day, I would go into the kitchen in my childhood home and that's where the magic would happen. I prepared my family's recipes for old, traditional European desserts, cakes, pies, and croissants. This passion for baking continued when I got married. I continued baking intricate desserts and learning new recipes and secret techniques that were passed on from a generation to generation. In 1984 my late father opened up a Mediterranean restaurant in Croatia near the ancient town of Korcula the birthplace of Marco Polo. I would spend entire summers helping to prepare recipes for tourists from Italy, Germany, Austria, England, and USA that my father who was a gastronome passed on to me. 10 years ago when my granddaughter Teodora was born I started to design cakes for family and friends and that's when I decided to open my own business Cama's Cake shop and I have never looked back.

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